Meet this weekend at World Maker Faire is a sponsor of World Maker Faire 2017 this weekend in New York: We will have a demos in our booth over the weekend along with these two talks: Addressing the question what’s new at  by Jason Kridner Saturday, September 23, 12:30 pm – 1:00 pm Zone 3 in MAKE: Electronic started in 2008 as one the first groups that put a cost effective open source computer in hands of what is now the Maker community. Through the years many versions of boards have been released answering different needs in the community. So what’s next? … Continue reading Meet this weekend at World Maker Faire

2017-03-19 BeagleBone Debian images published

Debian 8.7 (Jessie) 2017-03-19 images are now published on, but this version isn’t likely to live more than a few weeks before we push yet another. The big update here is eliminating the need to install drivers for any of Windows, Mac or Linux host users when working over USB networking. This was accomplished by updating the default RNDIS interface to use a USB class/subclass/protocol recommended by Microsoft for users of Windows Vista and newer. To support Mac OS X out of the box, we added a second virtual network interface supporting the CDC-ECM mode, rather than RNDIS. Mac users are no … Continue reading 2017-03-19 BeagleBone Debian images published