Using BeagleBone Blue to build an Autopilot Robot (part 1) – Circuit Cellar article

Hi folks! My name is Pedro Bertoleti and I’m a software engineer from Brazil. The October issue of Circuit Cellar’s magazine came out yesterday (9/18/2018), and I’ve written one of the articles of this issue (Title: “Building an Autopilot Robot (part 1)”, page 16). This article shows the groundwork for reliable¬† speed estimation based in the accelerometer measurements and uses this speed in a PID controller to make an Autopilot system for a 4-wheel robot. This project uses as development kit the amazing BeagleBone Blue, a board focused on robotics projects usage.   Autopilot Robot – project features   This … Continue reading Using BeagleBone Blue to build an Autopilot Robot (part 1) – Circuit Cellar article

LUGRadio Live USA 2008 (continued)

Continuing from last LUGRadio Live USA 2008 report, the recorded video, “The DSP is Open“, is now online and the links are shared on the LUGRadio Live forums. I’m caught speaking about DSP, Open Source + TI devices, and the Beagle Board. The slides are on-line here, as they are a bit difficult to read on the video. Continue reading LUGRadio Live USA 2008 (continued)

LUGRadio Live USA 2008

A few people got to play with Beagle at LugRadio Live USA 2008. One attendee even did a small write-up in Chinese on Beagle and what else he saw at LRL. There was quite a bit of interest from many people who have never thought of “embedded/ARM” development before. I was a bit more surprised by how many developers are getting more interested in solutions that allow them to embedded their solutions, Linux and otherwise, into many new places as can only be done with small, low-power devices and boards. My presentation, “The DSP is Open”, is available on-line. Keep … Continue reading LUGRadio Live USA 2008