Several OMAP/Beagle patches land upstream for Linux 2.6.33

I’m feeling pretty happy and excited today looking at the patches Linus Torvalds has recently merged into the Linux kernel mainline, such as a huge patch set from Tony Lindgren[1]. I’m particularly happy to see that DSS2 is there[2], so there shouldn’t be any more confusion about what display driver to use on OMAP. The USB EHCI (host port) driver also finally got merged[5]. I also see a large number of power management patches being included. Baseline support for several OMAP3 systems has also been included, including the Always Innovating Touch Book[3], AM3517 EVM[6], IGEPv2[7], CM-T35[8], OMAP3630 Zoom-3[9] and some … Continue reading Several OMAP/Beagle patches land upstream for Linux 2.6.33

NEON training

One of the most important aspects of the community is that I’m mostly irrelevant. This means that I’m not a bottleneck to the important things that happen in the community. Unfortunately, it also means that I’m also not always in-the-loop on great events coming up that utilize the BeagleBoard and getting the word out to everyone on-time. Even so, I imagine a lot of you are going to the ARM Techcon3 and can make use of this nice litte bit of hands-on training using the BeagleBoard that I learned about from Ken Havens: Turning the NEON Light On (Hands-on … Continue reading NEON training

A pair of EDN Innovation winners

The “OMAP35x Application Processor” and the “Beagle Board Embedded Linux Development Board” were both winners of tonight’s EDN Innovation 2008 awards for their respective categories of “Microprocessors” and “Software/Embedded Tools”. It was a great evening, with several great products recognized and it was nice to have our products among those. It was a great way to follow up a successful day of hands-on classes at the Embedded Systems Conference on the BeagleBoard. Too bad Boris wasn’t there to accept the honors himself. 🙂 Continue reading A pair of EDN Innovation winners

LugRadio Live UK 2008

Lugradio live 2008Originally uploaded by koenkooi The community last weekend (July 19/20) showcased the latest beagle developments and capabilities at the LugRadio Live 08 Event in the UK. Koen Kooi (Open Embedded) and Måns Rullgård (FFmpeg) teamed up to deliver some stunning NEON accelerated High Definition video demonstrations and the latest ARM Cortex-A8 OE built Angstrom Distribution. Other demos included High Definition 3D graphics acceleration leveraging Beagle’s Imagination SGX core and some C64x+ DSP accelerated audio and video codecs. Lots of great interest at the show in the capabilities of a such a ‘small but powerful platform’, especially when … Continue reading LugRadio Live UK 2008

The little things

It is the little things that make me happy sometimes, like Koen adding support for the Linux LED driver. Several triggers are possible, such as accessing the NAND, MMC/SD, or just a regular heartbeat, as Koen has demonstrated. To list off the possible triggers for the LED driver: root@beagleboard:~# cat /sys/class/leds/beagleboard::led0/triggernone nand-disk [mmc0] heartbeat timer The above shows the MMC/SD access trigger enabled. Koen selected that by issuing the following command: root@beagleboard:/sys/class/leds/beagleboard::led0# echo mmc0 > trigger Get started adding your own drivers today by starting with the existing code and the kernel git tree. See (Thanks Dirk!) for references. … Continue reading The little things

Source released for the Beagle Board

Khasim has provided us with the first Linux sources and binaries for the Beagle Board. You can find them on the Beagle Board page under BeagleSourceCode. Feel free to stop by the IRC channel (#beagle on or the discussion group to learn more. Happy hacking! Update 2016-07-26: removed a bunch of their hosting and a copy of the wiki and issues got saved to Continue reading Source released for the Beagle Board