Have no fear; BeagleBone Black Rev C is here!

Easier to use, double the memory, Debian based and ready to go from the box   WHAT:           The community asked and we delivered! With BeagleBone Black Rev C, BeagleBoard.org has made the move to the Debian GNU/Linux™ distribution pulling directly from the upstream Debian repositories. This means users will have an environment more familiar to the majority of desktop Linux users and easy access to a huge library of pre-built packages. From a hardware viewpoint, there is an increase of on-board storage from 2GB to 4GB, giving customers more room for filling up their board with the fun software … Continue reading Have no fear; BeagleBone Black Rev C is here!

Debian Beta images have been released

As posted earlier today on the BeagleBoard.org mailing list, the latest BeagleBone Debian beta images are now posted for broader testing at: http://old.beagleboard.org/latest-images/ If you’ve upgraded the firmware on your BeagleBone or BeagleBone Black in the past, the experience will be quite similar, but you might find the eMMC flashing times a bit faster (~15 minutes rather than ~45 minutes) due to less post-installation processing. Using the 2GB uSD card image also flashes a bit faster and can be resized to whatever your uSD card size is using some scripts under /opt/scripts/tools. Many, many thanks to Robert Nelson, Rob Rittman, … Continue reading Debian Beta images have been released