January 2016 Dog Dish

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BeagleBone Blue announced at CES

Affordable and complete educational robotics controller built around the popular BeagleBone open hardware computer. With complete robotics education curriculum, barriers to learning and growing are completely eliminated:

Additional details to be announced in February. Production planned for May.

Jason Kridner gave an overview to NewsWatch. Tom Bewley of UCSD also shared a brief introduction to BeagleBone Blue



SeeedStudio BeagleBone Green IoT Contest

BeagleBone Green contest on Hackster.io will send the winners to Maker Faire Shenzhen. Deadline to submit your project idea is: Feb 22. Project build deadline will then be: Mar 31.

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Amazon Web Services IoT contest in final stretch

Contestants were given a choice of development kits including the BeagleBone Green & Grove IoT Starter Kit. Submissions will end on Jan 31.

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This New Gadget Could Prevent Another Volkswagen Scandal

Adafruit spots BeagleBone Black and GPS-tracker that has barometric pressure reading and humidity in this Time magazine article
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BBB in 32C3 talk: "Beyond Your Cable Modem"

"To get the modem’s firmware in the first place, at minute 42 of the talk, Alexander shows briefly how he pulled the flash chip off the device and read it into his computer using a BeagleBone Black"
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O'Reilly Webinar: "Taking the BeagleBone Cookbook recipes beyond BeagleBone Black"
Thu, Jan 28, 1pm PT

SE Michigan BeagleBone Users Group: Continue quadcopter build
Thu, Jan 28, 7pm ET


hot off the presses

BeagleBone Black Cookbook
by Charles A. Hamilton

community topics

Using Appropriate Kernel Interfaces

Hunyue Yau of H-Y Research wrote: "Linux provides a solid foundation and a uniform interface along with isolation to simplify debugging. Abusing debugging interfaces undermines the value of Linux and forces unneeded rewriting of software while complicating every task"
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BeagleBone patchset for mainline Linux kernel

Drew Fustini wrote: "I was curious what patches are needed to run mainline Linux kernel on BeagleBone Black"
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Linux kernel 4.4-lts plans

Robert C. Nelson: "I just want to ping and remind everyone with my plans. I'd like to keep 4.1.x going"
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Linux kernel 4.4-rt branch

Robert C. Nelson: "I just opened up the 4.4 branch. We still recommend everyone use the 4.1 branch, but there's no reason to not start looking at 4.4"
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Docker for Debian Jessie

"Debian package is docker.io and I backported this to Debian 8 (Jessie)"
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Beaglebone Quadcopter

"Rose-Hulman students have been hard at work building a Beaglebone Quadcopter"
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» SanCloud BeagleBone Enhanced demo

» Kernel maintainer Mark Brown uses BBB

» NewsWatch: BeagleBoard.org at CES

» TI Processors and Robotics at CES

featured projects

Digitized Drawing Board with Beagle Bone Black

IoTalabs is a group of IoT enthusiasts that have shared their experience of making a digitized drawing board

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RFID authentication for hackerspace door

Chicago hackerspace Pumping Station: One uses BeagleBone Black and RFID to control door access

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OSH Park: Octoscroller Cape

Trammell Hudson created the Octoscroller cape to connect the BeagleBone Black to the Adafruit 16×32 RGB LED matrix to create the dazzling Octoscroller display:

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BB-8 Uses Omniwheels & Beaglebone

This project also taught me so many new things about robotics, such as building and designing the frame, using sensors and the Kalman filter to determine position.

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