February 2016 Dog Dish

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BeagleBone Blue Update

Februrary is coming to a close today and I promised an update on BeagleBone Blue. I had some specific points in mind to announce, but it turns out we aren't quite ready to share these details yet.

One thing I can share is that Blue will have full WiFi and Bluetooth (including BLE) support. On prototypes, we've been testing out the access point capability. This means that when you turn a Blue on, it automatically shows up as a wireless hotspot to which you can connect your computer. From this connection, you'll be able to use a web interface to connect to your existing WiFi network or simply create a new network to connect your robots! This code is showing up in the test repositories now.

Another fantastic bit of information I can share is that BeagleBoard.org has been accepted as a mentoring organization for Google Summer of Code 2016! Both BeagleBoard-X15 and BeagleBone Blue will be available for students and mentors for projects this summer.

Of course, this month has many other amazing updates, including a Kickstarter from Bela.io to leverage the ultra-low audio latency capabilities of BeagleBone, updates on the Hackster.io SeeedStduio BealgeBone Green contest, and several cool projects, including an open hardware design from MIT for rockets.

Want to get involved with BeagleBoard.org as part of Google Summer of Code and get early access to each of these new boards? Visit bit.ly/bbgsocideas.


Project Ideas for BeagleBone Green IoT Contest
BBG Bullet

BeagleBone Green IoT contest on Hackster.io will send the winners to Maker Faire Shenzhen. 255 Project Ideas were submitted by the Feb 22 deadline. Project submissions close in 33 days.

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Google Summer of Code 2016
GSoC logo

BeagleBoard.org has been accepted as a mentoring organization in the Google Summer of Code for 2016! Below, we've collected project ideas for the GSoC-2016:
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hot off the presses

Programming the BeagleBone
by Yogesh Chavan

Programming BeagleBone


SE Michigan BeagleBone Users Group: Thu, Mar 10, 7pm ET
i3 Detroit, Ferndale, Michigan

Midwest RepRap Festival: March 18-20
Goshen, Indiana. Are you interested in 3D printing? Do you want to see what you can make with a 3D printer? Do you already have one?

Penguicon: April 29 - May 1
Southfield, Michigan. Non-profit, community-run convention for open source software and hardware, science fiction, gaming, DIY, and more

community topics

Mobile Inverted Pendulum bot

BeagleMIP robot using Strawson Robotics Cape in action during BeagleBone meetup

BBBMINI Quadcopter Build

Quadcopter build at BeagleBone Meetup is being documented on TopicHero. More info in BBBMINI Gitter chat.

GNUnify: IoT via Beaglebone

Yogesh Chavan presented on BeagleBone & IoT to 50+ participants at Gnunify, a FOSS annual event in Pune, India

CAN with BBG & Teensy

Jonathan Piat made BeagleBone Green with Waveshare cape communicate with Teensy 3.1 over CAN bus

featured projects

Bela: ultra-low latency audio

Cape with stereo audio in/out, 8 channels each of 16-bit, DC-coupled analog I/O & 16 GPIO pins. Uses Xenomai Linux to run audio & sensor code at nearly bare metal priority. Achieve latencies under 1ms.

More Details
CTAG face2|4

Low-Latency Multichannel Audio System based on BeagleBone Green/Black and AD1938 audio codec by Analog Devices. The audio system offers 2 x 24 Bit stereo ADCs and 4 x 24 Bit stereo DACs.

More Details

MIT rocket
MIT Rocket Team cape

Avionic instruments for Project Therion were designed as a BeagleBone cape to help the parafoil find its way home. Includes GPS, barometric altimeter, pitot tube & 9 Degree of Freedom sensor

More Details

Green check

Open Hardware Test Automation Controller: automate tests on devices for Linaro Automated Validation Architecture. Power distribution server, serial console server, network switch & GPIO extensions

More Details







BeagleBone Capes

BoneScript Library

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