Students can submit proposals now for Google Summer of Code has been selected as a mentoring organization for 2021 and the project possibilities this year, I believe, are especially interesting. With BeagleBone AI in production and BeagleV (RISC-V) and BeagleConnect (6lowpan subGHz wireless MCU running Zephyr) designs available in prototypes, there’s a lot of new open hardware looking for more open software to run. There are FPGA project ideas and also the new PocketBeagle Grove Kit has some nice Python-based tutorials using Linux where new user contributions would be rather welcome. Mentors from the real-time audio team are even participating this year!

Catch up on the latest ideas, hop on our new forum, and join the live chat to start interacting with mentors and students now! Make sure to get drafts for any proposals out on the wiki and get community feedback to see if community members feel any project idea could be valuable.

Final student proposals are due on April 13, so don’t delay!

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