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Hardware Support

Solve your hardware woes here with reference manuals, schematics and other device-specific documentation. Subscribe to the mailing lists for updates or get your questions answered live on the IRC Channel.

Interactive Support

Discussion Groups

Collaborate on the Beagle community forum

IRC Group Chat

Live chat with other open source enthusiasts

Device-Level Hardware Documentation

BeagleBone Black

Hardware Files
Access the next-generation Beagle's latest production files here.


Hardware Files
Click to find hardware files for all revisions of the BeagleBone.


Hardware Files
Explore the hardware information for all revisions of the BeagleBoard-xM.


Hardware Files
Find all of the original Beagle's hardware information, for every revision.

Capes & Accessories

Explore the world of feature-rich capes and other accessories for super-charged functionality. Plug in and go! Visit the cape page to see all options.

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