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Java API for the Beaglebone Black

libbulldog provides a Java API for the Beaglebone Black including the following features:


  • Designed for platform independence
  • Memory Mapping in Java
  • Memory mapped GPIO (toggle speed ~1.8MHz iirc)
  • Event driven IO and Interrupts via epoll
  • All PWMs simultaneously usable
  • I2C fully accessible via Java
  • UARTs fully accessible via Java
  • SPI working, although you will have to roll your own chip selects
  • ADC is mostly working but has got some flaws
  • Some devices readily supported (e.g. HD44780 LCD)
  • Extensive Servo API with eased movements
  • and more ...

Registrar: datenheld

Tags: library;devbbblack;
Projected created on: Mon Jul 28 2014 20:25:06 GMT-0000 (UTC)
Submitted by: datenheld
Last updated on: Sat Aug 16 2014 09:19:34 GMT-0000 (UTC)