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Resource Links for the Community

The open-source designs are perfect for rapidly building prototypes to express your new idea, but sometimes you need to go beyond and bring your own product to life. The community is loaded with experts that know how to get you there and this is your guide to engaging with them.

First off, there is the support wiki page on When in doubt, search around the wiki for who might already be working on the challenge you are facing. Once you have some ideas, reach out to the experts to help you get to where you are headed.

You should also start by checking out the logo-licensed compatible boards as one of them may meet your product requirments and the manufacturer might be able to satisfy your business needs.

Third Party Resources

Hardware Consultants

  • Austin Circuit Design - Gerald Coley, the hardware developer that brought us the original BeagleBoard, BeagleBoard-xM, BeagleBoard-X15, BeagleBone, and BeagleBone Black, is now at Austin Circuit Design. He's an obvious first choice when looking to customize a design or build your own.
  • JK Embedded Consulting - Jason Kridner, Principal at JK Embedded Consulting, is the other primary founder of and is also available to work with you on products to work in conjunction with designs.

Manufacturing Partners

  • SeeedStudio - Located in Shenzhen, China, Seeed is a supporter and enabler of open hardware, including design and manufacturing. Reach out to Erin Linke in regards to related projects.
  • GHI Electronics - Located in Michigan, U.S.A., GHI Electronics has been working with the Octavo Systems OSD3358 system-in-package since it was initially released and provides solutions ranging from system-on-module designs to custom board spins.

Software Consultants and Commercial Linux Providers

The TI processors wiki has a nice list of consultants and commercial Linux providers that support the hardware

We have had particularlly good interactions with

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