Working on an Open Source Hardware Project? This is your opportunity to share it at the next Open Source Hardware Summit in March 2020 at New York

The Open Source Hardware Summit (OHS) is inviting talk/demo proposals for the tenth annual summit! To be held on Friday, March 13,2020 at the NYU School of Law The Open Source Hardware Summit is for presenting, discussing, and learning about open hardware of all kinds. The summit examines open hardware applications, practices, and theory, ranging from environmental sensors to 3D printable medical devices to open hardware processors and beyond. We are interested in open hardware on its own as well as in relation to topics such as software, design, business, law, and education.  For our tenth edition we are … Continue reading Working on an Open Source Hardware Project? This is your opportunity to share it at the next Open Source Hardware Summit in March 2020 at New York

Two New PocketBeagle Capes Debut at Embedded World

The leading international trade show and conference for embedded systems with over 32,000 visitors was the perfect place for the PocketBeagle® TechLab Cape and the PocketBeagle® GamePup Cape to make their debut. With plenty of IO and interesting features, these two additions to PocketBeagle® are a great way to have fun while learning embedded programming or to start a larger project. Continue reading “Two New PocketBeagle Capes Debut at Embedded World”

Still Seats Available in the PocketBeagle® Workshop Today Embedded World

A few seats are still available for a no-additional-cost Hands-On Coding Workshop with® PocketBeagle® , TODAY – February 27, 2019 from 2:30-5:30pm.  Room: Krakau Register at the conference desk in NCC Ost Join our co-founder, Jason Kridner.  This getting started workshop with … Continue reading Still Seats Available in the PocketBeagle® Workshop Today Embedded World

Empowering Innovative Education & Celebrating Community (Maker Faire NYC)

We love New York! The® community gathered at World Maker Faire® 2018 sharing our love of educating with open-source software and hardware in embedded computing. Hundreds of visitors stopped by our booth in the Maker Shed sharing their project … Continue reading Empowering Innovative Education & Celebrating Community (Maker Faire NYC)

BeagleCast 2011-03-14: BeagleBoard-xM rev C

Today’s hosts are Jason Kridner, Gerald Coley and Jeffery Osier-Mixon.  Below are the show note links. Links to the recordings BeagleCast-20110314.mp3 BeagleCast-20110314.ogg To provide questions or suggestions: Call +1-713-234-0535 or visit the BeagleCast suggestions form From the RSS feed Running a BeagleBoard off of Batteries    BeagleBoard cases with a MakerBot on Thingiverse New SGX Graphics Driver Release for Linux now available!     DVI-D to VGA converter for BeagleBoard-xM and issue to be fixed with the current BeagleBoardToys VGA adapter when using a BeagleBoard-xM   Kinect + BeagleBoard-xM (now need GLES)     Leverett and Wasson Win Texas Instruments Beagle Board Design … Continue reading BeagleCast 2011-03-14: BeagleBoard-xM rev C

Beagle Board at ESC Boston

The Beagle Board is back at ESC Boston! There will be a user’s group meeting following the training sessions. There is a two-hour hands-on introduction and 3 hands-on classes featuring Android, DSP-accelerated audio/video, and use of the 3D graphics accelerator. Classes are free for ESC attendees with a $99 setup fee to get access to a lab station if you bring your own Beagle Board and $299 to get a new Beagle Board with the class. For more information, visit Continue reading Beagle Board at ESC Boston

Rev C available for Silicon Valley BeagleBoard User’s Group meeting

Rev C2 is available now! Same part number at Digi-Key and the same price! Twice the RAM (256MB, instead of 128MB) High-speed-only dedicated-host USB port with standard A-type connector LCD expansion header All of the Rev B units sold out, so all new orders will be filled with Rev C units which are already in stock. The timing worked out perfectly with the last Rev B units being sold the day after the Rev C units arrived. All of this is just-in-time for our Silicon Valley BeagleBoard Users’ Group meeting being held immediately following the Embedded Systems Conference. We’ll be … Continue reading Rev C available for Silicon Valley BeagleBoard User’s Group meeting

Crossing 1,000 mailing list subscribers

Last week was a very busy one for Beagle Boarders. We had hundreds of people sign up for the 4 days of Beagle Board training at the Embedded Systems Conference in Boston. Class attendance for several sessions were at capacity and many of the classes were hands-on, including hands-on classes on 3D user interface creation and . Those attendees are now able to refer to the course materials for the hands-on classes on-line and all the people who signed up walked away from the event with Beagle Boards in hand. Many thanks to MontaVista, RidgeRun, Bill Gatliff, Special Computing, HY … Continue reading Crossing 1,000 mailing list subscribers

Beagle at IBC

Lot’s of activity going on around Beagle, but I’ve been lax on generating blog posts. In addition to the activity going on in preparation for ESC Boston, such as getting Sugar running, giving free trainings in India, and getting a new intern to watch the IRC logs, we also have our very own Roger Monk and Koen Kooi at IBC today. Stop by (IPTV zone IP322) if you want to take a look at the Beagle in action or simply hop on IRC and chat with them today while they are at the booth and logged into IRC using the … Continue reading Beagle at IBC

LugRadio Live UK 2008

Lugradio live 2008Originally uploaded by koenkooi The community last weekend (July 19/20) showcased the latest beagle developments and capabilities at the LugRadio Live 08 Event in the UK. Koen Kooi (Open Embedded) and Måns Rullgård (FFmpeg) teamed up to deliver some stunning NEON accelerated High Definition video demonstrations and the latest ARM Cortex-A8 OE built Angstrom Distribution. Other demos included High Definition 3D graphics acceleration leveraging Beagle’s Imagination SGX core and some C64x+ DSP accelerated audio and video codecs. Lots of great interest at the show in the capabilities of a such a ‘small but powerful platform’, especially when … Continue reading LugRadio Live UK 2008

Trade Show News

The Beagle Board will making a number of appearances over the next few weeks. Our very own Khasim Syed Mohammed will be at OSScamp July 19th in Bengaluru, India. In the UK, Koen Kooi and Måns Rullgård are looking to show off FFmpeg and Ångström at LugRadio Live on July 19-20. A BeagleBoard fan group has shown up on Facebook. Currently, only the upcoming LinuxWorld Expo event in San Francisco August 4-7 is listed, but it is possible to RSVP to express interest in the BeagleBoard meet-up. I’m expecting for details on the meet-up to be provided shortly. I look … Continue reading Trade Show News

Beagle Board at LinuxTag!

Texas Instruments is hosting the booth at LinuxTag 2008 on May 28-31. You will see Beagle board live demos and discuss open source topics at the booth – Hall 7.2a Stand 122. On Friday, May 30th, there is a two hour workshop about the open source project in workshop room 2 at noon. More information on the event can be found at Continue reading Beagle Board at LinuxTag!

LUGRadio Live USA 2008

A few people got to play with Beagle at LugRadio Live USA 2008. One attendee even did a small write-up in Chinese on Beagle and what else he saw at LRL. There was quite a bit of interest from many people who have never thought of “embedded/ARM” development before. I was a bit more surprised by how many developers are getting more interested in solutions that allow them to embedded their solutions, Linux and otherwise, into many new places as can only be done with small, low-power devices and boards. My presentation, “The DSP is Open”, is available on-line. Keep … Continue reading LUGRadio Live USA 2008